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I Am Bali  3D Interactive Museum Monumen Bajra Sandi ,
Jalan Raya Puputan  Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
( di tengah-tengah Lapangan Puputan Badung, Renon )

Official Hotel
Mahatma Residences , Jalan raya Puputan, Renon Denpasar
Untuk pemesanan kamar silakan email ke : baliphex@gmail.com

Mahatma Residences is new hotel located at Renon elite area. Most of the guest include National Commsisioner, Jury, Komda (regional commisioner), National Jury, Utusan Daerah, Exhibitor and Booth holder will stay at this hotel. Hotel provide shuttle service from hotel to the exhibition venue daily. More info about hotel Mahatma Residences please browse at the hotel website. For special price during this event please email to : baliphex@gmail.com.